Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: More on Little J's Return!

Last spoilers we heard about Little J's return were the set pictures and the episode that she'll most likely make her return. Now we've got even more spoilers on her return.. so check it out!

Question: Please give me some scoop about Jenny’s return to Gossip Girl! —Giovanni
I was right. Jenny’s reappearance is directly connected to Tim Gunn’s upcoming cameo. Turns out Blair permits her nemesis to return to the scene of her last crime (i.e., Manhattan) just long enough for her to interview for a job with Gunn at Parsons. Without giving too much away, Raccoon Eyes inadvertently gets caught up in Chuck and Blair’s latest drama, and the whole mess comes to a head at (natch) a big fancy party.

Source: Ausiello Files