Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: Will Little J be no more?

With all the trouble Little J's stirring up, is she going to have anything left to do for the next season? Well, the spoiler-sphere is abuzz with news that we may not be seeing any more of Little J's antics next season.. check out the excerpts from Ausiello Files!

  • No sign of Taylor Momsen, the actress who plays Jenny Humphrey, when Gossip Girl returns next season
  • Momsen will be gone for an unspecified number of episodes during the beginning of season 4 for " 'creative' reasons"
  • Her absence next season will be explained during the season 3 finale episode because something "very big is happening with her character."

Take all these spoilers with a grain of salt though: the Gossip Girl reps haven't made any official statements concerning Momsen's disappearance yet. But when we know for sure, you'll definitely know so keep checking our site for updates on Little J!

Source: Ausiello Files