Gossip Girl Season 4 Finale: A Rwo-Parter, Fame-Changing Episode!

When Gossip Girl returns next Monday, April 18, we're going to be caught in a whirlwind of five Gossip Girl episodes -- two of which will be part of the two-parter Gossip Girl season 4 finale... so all of this talk is basically me telling you guys: I think this is gonna be a good'un! So check out these spoilers on what we can expect for the Gossip Girl finale in less than 2 months!

Season Finale

  • We can expect to see the road maps for all of the characters very clearly -- but don't rest so easy: that doesn't mean there won't be any cliffhangers.


  • Queen B's going to have to decide between Dan, Chuck, and Prince Louis  Gossip Girl showrunner Savage spills that this story will carry on until the two-part finale -- all of which spans an entire night.


  • While the Queen B is in New York dealing with her love trifecta dilemma, Serena will be on the West Coast with a gorgeous man (played by Ethan Peck). Although Savage kept the deets of Peck's role on the down low, she did spill that we can expect to see him during the season finale.


  • Chuck's going to be launching an investigation into what really happened to Raina's mom -- and whether his dad had anything to do with. Savage warns, "It is always darkest before dawn. And Chuck, he gets very, very dark."

Source: TV Line