'Gossip Girl' - Final Three Episodes - Spoilers From Exec-Producer Joshua Safran

'Gossip Girl' - Final Three Episodes - Spoilers From Exec-Producer Joshua Safran

With only just three Gossip Girl episodes left this season, executive producer Joshua Safran shared some spoilers on what to expect for Blair and her trio of suitors, whether or not Ben is really out of Serena's life, and where new girl Charlie fits in. Bunch of great spoilers in here:

  • Dair story is not over. Dan and Blair were four seasons in the making. To come to the place where they were able to admit they were friends was four seasons in the making, so hopefully it will not take another four seasons to find another level in their friendship.

  • When being asked on what about Chuck and Prince Louis - The writers are on the same journey with Blair as she takes it. Who knows where it will end up? Obviously, Chuck and Blair have a bond and connection that will never truly be severed, but does that mean they end up together in a conventional sense?

  • The only time we'll see an endgame is if we knew the show was ending. The show is not ending and producers look forward to going down the road with these characters. All actors are contracted through the end of Season 6, so they look very much forward to working with them for at least the next two years.

  • Jenny remains very much a part of the show. As for whether she returns this season, you need to wait and see. He doesn't don't want to spoil it!

  • There are no plans for Ben in the next three episodes for him to return, but the story continues.

  • You'll see in the last episodes what exactly transpired between Bart and Raina's father Russell and Raina's mother — that story is of a piece with the Lilly story.

  • Besides the family she didn't know or the money she never experienced the luxury of, Charlie's storyline involves feelings for somebody.

  • In these last three episodes, Vanessa is very much trying to help get Dan back to his roots. There are fans that don't like her and fans that do. But as writers, she serves a very specific purpose and without her there wouldn't be a balance.

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