Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 6 “Easy J” Sneak Peek!

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October 16, 2010

We’ve posted some Gossip Girl spoilers for the next episode (which won’t air until October 25).. and this episode is pretty legendary: Little J returns! Check out this sneak peek featuring Gossip Girl’s very own Little J and Project Runway’s Tim Gunn.. check it out!

  • Rylan <3's Jenny

    Oh God… I can not wait! Love Jenny <3

  • Kylie

    I thought they lost all the gross make-up.

  • Kylie

    Sorry meant *she

  • Tirissa89

    i hateee jenny i hope shes not gonna stay too long!

  • Abc

    ahh, shes back. i just hope she doesnt screw up things between B and C even more :( i will never like her unless she turns “good” and helps bring CHAIR back together <333

  • Seif

    She’s the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hinata_krishna

    Oh God! I want Chuck and Blaire back together! When are they gonna get back together??? At least GG is fun to watch when B and C are bickering. The only reason I watch GG is because of Chuck and Blaire. I hope Jenny stops getting in between relationships because it makes me hate her. I hope Jenny gets her own man this season or maybe she and Nate can be together. And Dan and Serena can start making sense and then Vanessa gets abducted by an alien.

  • Jick Nonas

    I don’t get why this episode didn’t air yesterday, can someone explain that to me?

  • jane

    she’s the best in the of all the characters

  • Jenny FTW

    Jenny’s fucking awesome!

  • Fcfbf

    I want Blair and Chuck to get back together, I want them to marry and start a family and rule the world together, and i want them to turn good and be good to eachother and the rest of the cast are meaningless.. Good actors but GG should be more focused on Chuck and Blair. Or… only focused on Chuck and Blair.

  • GoChuck

    GG is so much better without Jenny. She is one of the most annoying characters on tv – hope she doesn’t stay too long!

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