Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 6 “Easy J” Promo Trailer

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October 12, 2010

Here is the first promo video for Gossip Girl season 4 episode 6. Make sure you check related posts after video where you can find guide and photos for “Easy J” episode!

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  • Shanson0703

    what does jenny say?

  • Shanson0703

    what does jenny say?

  • Caitlin

    Jenny says “Give it up Blair. Evereyone knows I did, and who I gave it to.”
    In reference to her virginity I think.

  • Mich_renteria

    oh jenny i hate her…so is she still the wannabe bitch?? orgh she never learns…i cant wait.

  • Ej123

    omg how BORING is jenny’s character? shes so one dimensional and fake. I am a huge gossip girl fan and im tempted to skip this episode all together she does my head in that much!

  • Coline

    HATE jenny

  • Xdominiqueee

    love jenny woeehoee can’t wait
    little J is ba-ackkk jepjep

  • Rylan <3's Jenny

    @EJ123 How is Jenny of all characters BORNING? Where the hell have you been?

    I for one understand why Chair fans are mad at her but can you really be more upset with her when Serena? Although it was a LONG time ago, she still slept with Blair’s boyfriend, Jenny slept with her arch enemy’s boyfriend, whats worse?
    I at least try to understand Jenny’s actions, Blair was more then cruel to her, and she thought Chair was over at the time.

  • Froady_froad_dog

    Jenny is a “16 year old”. She’s not suppose to be a slut yet. Not only did she sleep with Chuck, she lost her virginity to him. That’s what Blair cannot forgive compared to Serena sleeping with her boyfriend in the past. That and Blair loved Chuck more than anything. I hope Blair brings both Chuck and Jenny down.

  • Biaa123

    Jenny isn’t innocent though, her character is very dark. Practically all of season three was her trying to throw herself at Nate. It’s very contradicting to Jenny though, considering she was once found on a rooftop pushing Chuck off her, to then him being the one who she lost her virginity to, if that’s the case, she may as well have lost it to Chuck in season one!

  • Lastprophetmm

    Although Jenny isnt innocent she is only 16. Give her a break, look at serena who’s damn near twenty and she still cant get her life together. I cant believe they are giving serena someone else to sleep with. Is it possible she cant make it through 2 episodes with her legs closed?? ugh! i actually wish that STD rumor was true.

  • Suprsparx

    ummm disgusting i wonder whats gonna go down at this event…..can anyone say fireworks!!!

  • Nate <3 Jenny

    i’m sorry, but everyone should stop complaining about jenny. she slept with chuck because she was upset with what was happening with nate and whatever. and chuck was upset with the blair situation. so you can’t really blame either of them. and i guess it was quite bad as he took her virginity but its the point of the show, it adds drama. and little J isn’t so little anymore and i can’t wait for her to come back. <3

  • GGlover

    Ughhh , i used to love Jenny but im not so sure about her anymore ! I mean its one thibg to sleep with Chuck but then throw it back in Blairs face that way seems really wrong , and even though i love Chair i thunk blair should bring him down a bit for bring Jenny back before they get back together. What i was thinking is that in the last episode Chuck said blair destroyed his future and now hes bringing back the girl who destroyed hers.


    Like in the season : Fireworks!!!!

  • Rylan

    I completely agree with you, it’s like everyone (Blair fan kids) love to over look the specifics behind Jenny and Chuck’s actions. Love you Jenny!

  • secret

    chuck and blair should get together in like…NOW!