Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 19 “Petty in Pink” Extended Promo #1

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April 19, 2011

Here’s the first promo for Gossip Girl season 4 episode 19, “Petty in Pink”. Stay tuned for extended version and make sure you check the links below the video for more spoilers on the next episode.

Update – Extended promo version added

  • Bella

    The writers totally punked us with Dair… at least it feels like it right now! :(

  • Pod1990

    i so agree

  • Dair

    yeah, i always loved chuck, but right now dan is a better guy.

  • Ha

    i was looking forward for Dair for over a month, and yeaa… feel tricked :/

  • Anon

    this is bs, why did they build all that Dair up in the first place….

  • Donutpickyournose

    I am so in agreeance with you. I was like, “is this fucking it?” what was the point in watching? I liked the new girl though. She seems sweet, but I fear she may be a stalker type.

  • Donutpickyournose

    I am feeling so ripped off when it comes to Dair. I mean, Chuck isn’t going to grow up any time soon… and I just like Dan more these days. I used to love Chuck, but he turned into a total wankersaurus.

  • call_me_teh_kitty

    hey….not to build anyone’s dreams to get them crushed again…you know couples never get together right away on tv…chuck and blair had a lot of going back and forth before they took it from hook up to relationship…

    anyway, I kinda liked the prince or whatever he was at first…maybe they’ll have a playdate…

    oh and by the way? promos are pretty much deceiving most of the time…and I think the writers know a lot of us are tired of chuck and blair…for now at least

  • Nicolas

    I wanna Blair be happy!!! Dan, Chuck, doesn’t care!!

  • Chuck


  • Blair


  • Chuck