Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 18 “The Kids Stay In The Picture” Promo #3

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April 11, 2011

We have another promo video for this April’s first Gossip Girl episode – “The Kids Stay In The Picture”.

Chuck, Dan, or Louis?

  • Millan

    Does anyone know the name of the song played in this trailer?

  • Zahel Estrada

    Looks like DAIR was not meant to last, looks like it will be a battle mostly between the prince and chuck…

  • dan and blair!

    Dan & Blair
    if not then im not watch buh bye gossip girl ratings shows canceled cuz frankly its getting old and chuck and blair are boring. also dan brings out the best in blair. and umm who cares about the prince?

  • dairDAIR

    come ON.i really wanted dair to happen! who is dan making out with in the promo btw?

  • f*** louis

    im depressed cuz i really wanted dair to happen :((

  • lucy

    DAIR DAIR!!! they are so good together, i hope that it was Dan and Blair making out in the Promo

  • Abc

    CHAIR forever! i hope she accpets when hchuck proposes (he was pulling the famous ring out in the promo!)

  • Jacquelinnelpz

    WOWWWWWWW can´t wait

  • pinkitten

    hope blair choose chuck
    they both rock with each other

  • TVaddict

    So Dair isn’t happening….just when they were starting to do something fresh with the characters, create an interesting and more realistic relationship and plot. Amidst teenagers owning business and doing elaborate drug deals Dair was something interesting but they had to go and spil it by going back to the melodramatic, over the top Chair dynamic….yawn.

  • Gabriela

    CHUCK & BLAIR FOREVER, if it’s not them the show will suck.

  • Gabriela

    CHUCK & BLAIR FOREVER, if it’s not them the show will suck.

  • Tuva

    I think Chair are at their best when they can’t have each other.

  • Rosie

    DAIR!!!! Dan makes Blair smile and laugh and Chuck just expects her to be there when he comes crawling back

  • gab

    I like DAIR. And to those who said that nobody cares about the prince, uhm i do. :)) I like him during the Paris episode. :)

  • Lust_4_ur_blood
  • Lust_4_ur_blood