Gossip Girl Spoilers: Watch with Kristin's got tons o' spoilers!

With all the drama that's going on with our GG gang, we've got burning questions on what's going to go down during the season finale. Check out Watch with Kristin's spoilers for answers to your burning questions!

Laura in Rolling Hills, Calif.: What can you tell us about Georgina's return to Gossip Girl?

It's surprisingly good, and it involves Dan (Penn Badgley).

Genevieve in Denver: William isn't going to ruin Rufus and Lily forever on Gossip Girl, is he?

Don't let the promos fool you. Billy Baldwin's Will van der Woodsen is not all bad—emphasis on the word all. "What's already going on between Rufus and Lily is what poses some interesting conflicts for everybody," Billy tells us. "On the outside, Will wants to have his family back, and he wants to have a nuclear, biological family healthy again. That doesn't necessarily mean he wants to destroy. He wants to have that and still respect the boundaries between Rufus and Lily." Hah! We'll believe it when we see it.