Gossip Girl Spoilers: Little J the homewrecker!

Is it just me or is Little J all about stirring the pot (namely the Serena-Nate pot) these days? Well we've got spoilers that she's imposing her homewrecking self on another Gossip Girl couple. Read these spoilers and find out who!

Marissa in Boise, Idaho: You've gotta stop it with the "Jenny is a homewrecker" stuff.
So sorry, but as I hinted above, Jenny is indeed about to meddle, and I'm not referring to Nate and Serena. I'm actually talking about her dad, Rufus, and stepmom, Lily. I'm hearing that Little J is going to try to do some bad things to their relationship, and then...yes, she's going away. But the good news for you Jenny fans (finally!) is that contrary to some rumors you may have heard, she is not dying. I'm told Taylor Momsen will be back in season four. At least, that's the plan.