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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Season Finale "Last Tango, Then Paris": Hook-up Spoilers!

There's going to be a hook-up happening on the Gossip Girl season finale and it's quite juicy.. check out the spoilers courtesy of E! Online's Watch with Kristin for deets on the couple's identity!

Quincy in New York: I'm devastated at the rumor that ***** and ***** will hook up on Gossip Girl! Please say it isn't so!
I can't. Sorry. Sources confirm that a certain someone will be doing a certain something and it will cause some serious heartbreak. And that might not be the only hookup shocker! I'm told that "A Gossip Girl blast goes out about Dan and Serena that will not make Vanessa or Nate happy." I honestly don't know what that blast is about, but suffice to say, the finale is going to have lots of romantic upheaval, so buckle up. Oh, and the good news? I'm hearing that at least one core G.G. couple will end up happy at the end of the season. So say your prayers for your fave now!