Gossip Girl Spoilers: Ausiello's got spoilers!

I don't know about you guys but I'm dying to find out more about what's we can expect to happen in the last two episodes of Gossip Girl! Well Ausiello's got spoilers on these last two episodes and they're goood.. check them out!

Question: You said that one of the “possible fatalities” in your May Sweeps Scorecard is reserved for a Gossip Girl character. You weren’t talking about Lily, right? —Fernanda
No, I wasn’t talking about Lily. The victim in question is *a*e.

Question: What’s with all the Taylor Momsen/Gossip Girl drama? Will she be back next season at all? —Allo
Not sure what drama you’re referring to, but per my original story, she’ll be MIA only for the first part of next season. My prediction: Jenny will make a dramatic return at the start of November sweeps!

Source: Ausiello Files