Gossip Girl Spoilers: TONS of relationship drama ahead!

Caution for all Gossip Girl couples: major drama ahead!!

Spoilers tell us that all the GG couples will be facing roadblocks when the new episodes return. Check out the spoilers and find out which couples will make it and which ones won't!

Any scoop on Lily and Rufus?

Lily and Rufus with continue to fight throughout the season especially in last few episodes of the season which will also prominently feature Dr William Van Der Woodsen. Lily's big secret - she actually has a major
health problem she is hiding from everyone which is why she was away in the summer.

Are Chuck and Blair really going to break up?

Yes but it's not the end of their relationship for good.

How long will Nate and Serena last?

A lot longer than most of Serena's love interests.

Please! I need a scoop of Dan&Vanessa and Nate&Jenny!!!

Dan and Vanessa are Gossip Girl's new "it" couple. Nate's main love interest for the rest of the season is Serena despite Jenny's attempts to get in the way.

Yikes! I can't wait to see how all of this plays out -- what about you guys? And which couple do you think will make it til the end of the season?

Source: SpoilerTV