On the Set of ‘Gossip Girl’ – March 7

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March 8, 2011

New pictures of Leighton and Ed on the set of Gossip Girl yesterday evening. They are filming the season finale this week.

  • http://twitter.com/MzAndieA Andrea Alcalá

    Oh come on Chuck and Blair again? I want a litlle Dair.

  • Laila Ngo

    oh where is dan?

  • Robert

    I’m with those who are absolutely deadened by anything involving Blair and Chuck. I wouldn’t mind seeing him cultivate a pure friendship with her, but their relationship ran out of gas a long, long, long time ago. On a different note, Ed is a lot nicer looking guy when he isn’t sneering as Chuck Bass. As much as I am bored by Chuck, he seems a nice enough guy and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in other roles.

    I think that Dan and Blair will end up together. There is so much narrative potential in that. The question may not be IF but WHEN. Writers tend to torture viewers as long as possible with things like that. So they are likely to throw up a million barriers to their romance.

  • Adri

    Go CHAIR sorry but is the only way the character of chuck bass can be revived again…. plus I started watching this series because of them is only fair they end up together… and you all know that…
    Blair and dan are fun.. HELL YEAH….
    but what comes easy leaves easy…
    sorry dair

  • Luke

    i totally agree i mean the chuck and blair thing is legendary but getting tedious since they’ve been over everything with these twoooo? D:

  • Sam See0202

    i want chair back together so bad. i love this show because of them

  • http://twitter.com/amulettekok Amulette Kok ?

    chair , please do come back .

  • Sarahliz93

    nice photos. I LOVE Chair, they are so cute together and I believe Chuck has changed and became a better and more loving person, because of Blair. CHAIR 4EVER!