Latest Spoilers on Dan/Blair from Connor Paolo

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February 23, 2011

This just in. The unlikely pair have scored yet another high-profile endorsement (mine being the first, natch). Costar Connor Paolo (Eric) says:

“Penn and Leighton are very talented actors, so once you put them in a scene together you’re going to get a lot of chemistry. People were all up in arms about the prospect of a Dan/Blair relationship just because they have such loyalty to Chuck and Blair. However, now after seeing them together on screen people are being won over.”

  • Rexx

    Go Dair!

  • Guest

    Where is that photo from? It’s awesome

  • Anjey


  • Spoilers Guide

    I searched it on Google image as “Dan and Blair” and picked that one. Dunno really.

  • Tabitha Mann

    I’ve always loved Chair but I think I might love the possibility of Dair much more!!!

  • Frances Nicole

    I believe most fans, if not all, will always go back to the fact that Chuck and Blair seem to be soul mates. With that being said, I don’t think there’s harm in having Blair date other guys (which she hasn’t done in the series – NOT counting the French guy). We’ve never seen her venture into another relationship other then Nate and Chuck. It will be interesting to see if Dan and Blair actually develop a long-lasting relationship in a sense where they aren’t just friends, but more than that. Besides, it’ll ruffle everybody’s feathers on the Upper East Side. Every character is affected because these two people are so different yet so similar. :P

  • Tabitha Mann

    I love Chuck and Blair but now I’m starting to think they’re bad for one another, the only thing they have in common is taking people down! Dan and Blair have much more in common, who knew right? They are actually good for one another! Don’t get me wrong I love Chair but I think they have been replaced by Dair for me.



  • Angeluver248

    dan and blair together makes my stomach turn

  • mary

    actually I think blair and dan will make a better couple than blair and chuck because chuck and blair were all games and blair and dan are more real and it feels like they have a lot more chemistry compared to just lust.

  • sophia91

    gossip girl can be boring at times but the whole thing with Dair has made me love it! i cannot get enough! and sorry Chuck what is wrong with you!? He was with rena and didnt care about blair and then when it ends and he is all upset he wants to run after blair again! and from the promo get jelous!! erm i dont think so! and do not get me started on Vanessa!! she comes back into it and then goes running to serena about ben and now to chuck about Blair and Dan!!! Go away! :)

  • dairshipper

    Dan and blair will be so good together , cause if any of u hv watched the promo for the next episode , blair said tht she kissed someone and it changed her … it would be best for blair to be with someone she loves … and in this case its DAN !

  • Lani Williamson

    Go Dair!!

  • Leah Lovebug 3

    omg this is the cutest picture ever!!!! omg i hope they get 2gether 4 a little bit they look gorgeous 2gether!

  • YaniKreuz

    I have always been shipping Chuck/Blair until I saw Blair’s chemistry with Dan. Chair is just not a healthy relationship and c’mon! chuck is gorgeous and all that but after 4 seasons even Blair would get tired of being his doormat. And I gotta admit it, there has never been a pairing as adorable as DAIR. Guess blair will get what she wants afterall: PURE AND SIMPLE LOVE <3

  • Anonymous

    Hell no! Boo to Chair!

  • Joviiza

    Everyone who saw the four season, knows that Dair Rocks!! :)
    I love Chuk and Chair, but i really like Dair , and i think that it’s going to be the best for Dan and Blair