Spoilers – How long is Juliet going to be messing things up for everyone on Gossip Girl?

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November 16, 2010

This week’s masquerade (the one where Little J, Juliet and V team up to take down Serena) is not the last we’ll see of the troubled Juliet (Katie Cassidy). Continue reading for some spoilers …

  • She’ll be around through the holidays, and there will be many more face-to-face moments between the schemer and the Gossip Girl crew. Maybe we should hope for a holiday miracle that she’ll see the error of her ways and turn nice? Nahhh…naughty is more fun. [ kristin]

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  • Lele

    juliet looks like 36 year old trailer trash. I guess since the show she used to be on got cancelled they put her on GG. What were the producers thinking?!!She looks like shes been around the block!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Izzy-Santiago/100000086628736 Izzy Santiago

    don’t be a hater. katie cassidy IS gorgeous and an amazing actress! that’s why the producers cast her on the show.

  • Live and let love

    @lele stfu, your going WAY too far.

  • Cutify_jamz_22

    when will she be out on GG???? i hate her! she’s no fun at all!