What is up with this Juliet character?!

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October 2, 2010

With each passing Gossip Girl episode, I get more and more suspicious of this Juliet character and what she could bring to our favorite Gossip Girl gang. Well now we’ve got some spoilers on the havoc she will be wreaking on Gossip Girl.. check it out!

Question: Gossip Girl has been amazing this season! It feels like the show has hit its stride! What’s coming up for these amazing Upper East Siders? —lec
Something wicked their way comes, I’m afraid. Juliet’s butting in is going to lead to a major couple breaking up.

No word yet on who this major couple is.. anyone have any guesses?

Source: Ausiello Files

  • Guest

    hopefully not rufus and lilly, they are the only major couple.

  • Deathwishsecene

    The only MAJOR couple on the show right now is Rufus and Lilly, and it took them forever to get together. I REALLY HOPE it’s not them. Maybe.. Dan and Vanessa?

  • Nmencalade

    I think the couple breaking up are Blair’s mom and step-dad. just based off the episode titled, “war of the roses”. In the movie War of the Roses, the couple divorces and fights over who will keep the house and other various things, the pun of the episode title just made it too easy

  • zoubida

    Hey thanks for the itv
    and yes, I know, we haven’t heard anything about GG’s cancellation. But the numbers worry me. And somebody thought on this and made a petition in order to prevent something bad.
    We can sign it here: