Exec Producer Josh Safran Talks About ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6

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January 23, 2012

Kristin from E! talked with Gossip Girl’s exec producer Josh Safran about the future of the show, season 6 and 100th episode. Here’s what he spoiled!

He’s hoping it goes another year but then he thinks it were to end then and it’d be OK.

If it were to continue, I’d be super happy as well. I think we’re looking at a season 6 as our hope for now.

He also says the writers are currently breaking the season-finale script and that they’re not breaking it as if it is the series finale.

When asked which couples will end up together at series’ end, Safran has no idea at this moment:

I really don’t. I’m not saying that Josh and Stephanie don’t, but I don’t want to think about an endgame because when you think about where you want them to go then it’s done in my head and it’s still living for me. That’s not to say that it won’t end exactly the way that half the audience wants it to, unfortunately now it’s half of the audience, but I just cant say for sure. I can’t tie that up.

He also commented to 100th episode:

I really wanted it to pay homage to the pilot and all the episodes before, we really did our research we watched a lot of the episodes again. I’ve been there since the second episode so I sort of have this knowledge and I tried to put in as many winks and nods and little grace notes and touches. I think it’s a really great episode and every one of our leads has a full story.

What do you think, Gossip Girl fans? Season 6, yes or no? Which couples would you like to see end up together? Sound off in the comments below!

  • http://twitter.com/lucas7pl lukasz klonowski

    6 season ofc yes!!

  • Tabitha Chedore

    Yes to a season 6 if couples actually stay together for once.

    Chuck and Blair
    Dan and Serena
    Nate with gossip girl!

  • Melanie

    yes to season 6 !!


  • Niyoshi C

    chuhc and blair & nate and serena !

  • pcase.ya

    i just want CHAIR

  • pcase.ya

    andddd season 6 but please have chuck and blair foreva! they have been together every season and more people like them then any other couple!!!! pleaseeee!!

  • sab

    dan and blair

  • Babygirl

    Dan and Blair!  Please let it be Dan and Blair.

  • Juliap_b

    of course we want a season 6 and definitely chuck and blair  together and serena and dan or nate doesnt really matter all that matters is that chuck and blair end up together

  • Juliap_b

    noo wayy they suck together

  • Crystalmoonbeams

    so Blair being happy sucks?

  • guest

    Dan and Blair.

  • S.

    Chuck & Blair ?
    Nate & Serena ?

    …best couples on TV!

  • roxyyy

    yea definetly bring on season 6 :D

    my couples wud defo without a doubt be…….

    chuck & blair
    dan & serena
    nate & jenny

  • Alicja-smiech

    no,no,no CHAIR all the way

  • Vdiva16

    yes to season 6!
    chuck and Blair
    Serena and Dan
    Vanesa and Nate

  • Brett

    Chuck and Blair!!! Other couples do not matter… So please let Chuck and Blair be together 

  • guest

    chuck and Blair

    Nate and Serena
    Dan and his assistant 

  • guest

    chuck and blair
    dan and vanessa!
    nate and serena

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julianna-Hua/1189301416 Julianna Hua

    Chuck and Blair <3

  • 1234



  • 1234


  • laura

    I started out a HUGE Chuck & Blair fan… Now I would rather just see Dan and Blair. Not to say Chuck and Blair won’t end up together eventually, I am just really tired of watching them go back and forth the past few seasons. Plus, If I see Dan and Serena together again– I might throw up. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zaid-Ghaffar/606880283 Zaid Ghaffar


  • Diva Lady

    PLZ NO CHAIR! I would like Dan and Serena, Blair and Louis, Nate and Charlie (only if she comes back to the show or someone else otherwise). Please bring Jenny and Vanessa both back to the show by the way!

  • Diva Lady

    Actually the other couples matter and Chair just sucks! NO TO CHAIR!

  • Asdasdasdasdasd

    Chuck and Blair, Nate and Serena that’s the way it should be and should always be!

  • Dabby


  • Gina

    From the beginning it was meant to be Chuck and Blair and Nate and Serena!!!!! Dan and Vanessa, Jenny (well she left the show…thank heavens! She ruined C&B).

  • May

    Yessss…. we NEED a season 6 so 1) we can find out who gossip girl is
    2) Chuck and Blair can get married (mini chuck’s and blairs running about the earth is a scary thought…..) 3) Nate and Serena to FINALLY get together for real!

  • Rosie

    CHUCK AND BLAIR, NATE AND SERENA, dan and vanessa. Gossip girl and herself and her sick hobby.

  • Gabi_rosarocha

    Vanessa left the show too!! Thank God, I hated her!!

  • guest

    serena and nate; blair and chuck! that is the only way it should be! :)

  • Emma

    Yes to a season 6, of course!!!!!!

    chuck and blair
    serena and dan
    <3 <3 <3

  • LeeLee

    Chuck & Blair! their love is the strongest!

  • Crazywild15

    Hon do u not remember what a complete prick Louis was?!

  • Crazywild15

    Hon do u not remember what a complete prick Louis was?!

  • Crazywild15

    Hon do u not remember what a complete prick Louis was?!

  • Crazywild14

    Chuck and Blair are ment to be together their love is like a Romeo and Juliet love story and im sure they’d die for each other, and besides Dan’s a creep i mean his book was, like his hair, ass and if you went back and watched Season 1 Episode 1 – Season 5 Episode 24 (when it comes out anyway) you will see Blair and Chuck are friggn soul mates!!!! And if they don’t end up together i might die!!! Dan’s just a creep and i think Nate and Lola even though she’s a retard. 

    One last thing Venessa and Jenny must never come back they almost ruined the show!!!

  • Crazywild14


  • Crazywild14


  • Noneyouknow

    Oh she definately made it clear who made her happy by the end of season 5

  • Noneyouknow

    Nate and Serena… but since Nate is growing up, Serena needs to try to too because they are kind of meant for eachother.
    Same with Chuck and Blaire!!! :) They’re so happy it makes me happy