Is Little J no more?

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November 25, 2010

The biggest question on all the Gossip Girl’s fans’ minds is: will Little J be back or is she officially no more? Check out these Gossip Girl spoilers that’ll clear up any confusion on whether we’ll be seeing Little J’s mug in the Upper East Side anymore.

The official word is this: Little J’s screen-time has been decreased solely because the storylines don’t call for her presence. However, she will be back when it makes sense. And word to the wise: all series regulars are contracted until season 7.

Source: Watch with Kristin

  • Helle Knudsen

    Hope she will be back soon.. i miss her :)

  • Anonymous

    season 7- whoa cool

  • Live and let love

    la~de~da I’m so happy now <3 not only will little J be here to stay but we're going to have up to 7 SEASONS of GOSSIP GIRL! <3 This can't get any better.

  • Wada

    I hope Nate and Jenny get back together on season 7!
    They deserve a second chance… WE deserve a second chance!

  • Wada

    Season 7, or 6, or 5!

  • scooby

    Wow I Didnt Know It Was Going To Go On For So Long Lol I Like Seven Season Of Gossip Girl.
    One More Thing If You Wana Make Things Intersting:
    Take Some Chacters Out Because There To Old For Gossip Girl:
    And Make Series Regulars:
    Gossip Girl Herself
    Damian Or Carter