‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5 Promo

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August 18, 2011

CW has released new promo for Gossip Girl season 5, it’s short but pretty amazing so check it out!

Don’t forget to catch the season premiere, Monday Sept. 26!

  • S.

    I don’t get it…I always thought that in the end Blair won’t marry Louis, but after this promo i think she will…:(

    I can absolutly not see the chemistry between both of them…Nearly everyone is better on Blair’s side…If the writers let Blair really marry Louis, i woud be really disappointed…

    So lets hope for the best, and expect the worst ;)

  • Mashii90

    Chair has to happen ! The two of them not ending up together would be like Bella without Edward.. They are a must .. 

  • Guest

    i guess blair in the white gown was season 3 during dorota’s wedding

  • S.

    take a look at the Chair pics spoilersguid has posted…they are so cute.. hopefully this is a sigh for them being together again <3

  • Simone

    i looked it up, and have to say that Blair didn’t wear this on dorota’s wedding. there she wore a golden dress…and in this promo it really looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress…

    the writers can’t do that to Blair…and all Dair/Chair whatever fans…

    i hope that if there really is a wedding, it has to be the wedding of CHAIR!!

  • Mashii90

    One can only hope ;)

  • Sammmmmyy

    shes probably just doing her dress fitting, or shes gonna marry louis has doubts and runs to chuck <3 CHAIRRR!!!

  • Delena

    i hope you’re right…but dress fitting with abouquet of flowers?

  • serenate4everrrr

    yay ! serena and nate together ! i missed them , there wasn’t alot of scenes of the two of them in season 4 , to much of dan and serena . i hope they get back together !

  • S.

    yes, i totally agree with you Serena&Nate and Blair&Chuck are best couples on GG…they belong together forever <3 <3 <3 these two are my absolute dreamcouples…but  unfortunately the writers haven't the same opinion:(

  • CHAIR!

    Guys not because in the promo Blair’s wearing a wedding dress means she will actually marry Louis.. Its not over till they say ‘I do’.. Besides, that shot could have probably been taken in her dress room before the wedding… 

    We all know at the end of the day.. Chuck and Blair will never let each other go… 
    So we’ll see what really happens…

  • A.

    maybe chuck will stop the wedding or blair wont say i do i have no clue atm but i actully hate prince louis

  • Delena

    yes, we know that, but do the writers? :)

  • Jensen.Ackles.Is.Yummy

    I don’t think Blair wore a long sleeved white gown during Dorota’s Wedding. She may just be fitting the white gown here in Season 5. As we all know, there may be last minute arrangements/ destructions before the actual wedding.

    I like Louis, though. But for Gossip Girl’s sake, Chuck is always going to be her leading man.

    I am just glad I won’t see Taylor Momsen with her irritating ‘gothic barbie’ look anymore and the fact that she thinks she’s better than Blair. -grunts- And yes, especially Jessica Szhor who also thinks she’s better than the Upper East Side girls because she claims she has more depth. Really? Then why was she throwing her self at Nate then? xD

  • Jensen.Ackles.Is.Yummy

    Mentioning Bella and Edward in a Gossip Girl forum was so inappropriate. The level of Gossip Girl’s brilliance is far off from sleazy Twatlight. No offense. :)

  • Jensen.Ackles.Is.Yummy

    The writers make it bad for fans because without the downsides, the fans won’t be itching for a good ending. Yes, we are being tossed and turned in a merry-go-round.

  • Simone

    According to latest spoilers the wedding of Blair&Louis will (with some obstacles) definitely happen. BUT Chuck&Blair will have stories together anyway in season 5.

  • Cindy

    Chcuk can;t be a gey like in the book, because he loves Blair and it must be real!!!!!!!!! ;(

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ENDKZZAQZAJT5EVTCP6C3YQQ7A Belle

    why does everyone think that because she’s in a wedding dress means she get’s married, maybe she’s just dress shopping or something …. ps. CHAIR <3

  • Delena

    BECAUSE I also read the Blair will marry Louis. There will be trouble in the planning, but in the end they marry. Blair & Chuck as a couple a over for a while, but they will ALWAYS have stories together… that’s what I read last week in an article…

  • Me4472

    couldnt it be the wedding rehersal?

  • Guest

    I think she’s going to say no at the end.