Season 3 Episode 18 episode 18

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18 "The Unblairable Lightness of Being": Casting Calls

Here are spoilers on who else we can expect in addition to the original GG cast during the 18th episode of this season's Gossip Girl!

[TATIANA] Early-mid 20s, female, attractive. Russian. Vanya’s slutty cousin. Must be a US Citizen. Two scenes, one line.

[CATERER] Mid 30s-mid 40s, male or female. Open ethnicity. A party planner. One scene, one line.

[PRIEST] Early-mid 50s, male. Russian. Must be a US Citizen. Native Russian accent a plus sptv050769. One scene, one line.

[PRETTY BLONDE] 16-20 to play 16, female. Upscale, attractive, blonde. Greets her boyfriend in a lobby.

Source: SpoilerTV