Season 3 Episode 17 episode 17

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 17 "Kiss Me, Nate": Casting calls!

Here are a couple of spoilers on guest stars during the 17th episode of this season's Gossip Girl!

[KEITH VAN DER WOODSEN] Early 40s.. male. Caucasian, upscale. A handsome and charming commercial director. Serena and Eric’s paternal uncle. Preferably blonde. Guest Star.

[ELLIOT] Legal 18 to play 16, male. Open ethnicity, upscale, attractive. A boy living in Eric’s building with scruffy good looks and a disarming smile. Co-star, possible recurring.

Ausiello posted on his website that Elliot is perhaps meant to play Eric's new boyfriend -- hopefully we'll hear more spoilers about this Elliot soon!

Source: SpoilerTV