Good news and bad news, Gossip Girl fans!

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February 9, 2011

So we’ve got some good and bad news for you Gossip Girl fans. Check out the spoilers to see what’ll make you happy and make you sad!

Will there be more Dan/Blair moments? Is this the last of their storyline?

Nope. The Dan/Blair plot — arguably one of the show’s most entertaining ever — remains front and center throughout February. In fact, there’s a doozy of a cliffhanger involving the reluctant couple at the end of the Feb. 28 episode — and I mean cliffhanger in the truest sense of the word: Following that ep, GG goes off the air for six whole weeks.

Six weeks without Gossip Girl? I don’t know about you guys but I’m already having withdrawal issues!

Source: TV Line

  • karima.g


  • Rexx

    I couldnt agree more, DAIR!!!!

  • ChairFan


  • sayed mahnoor shah


  • Anonymous

    6 weeks im still recovering after the winter break hiatus

  • GGfanatic2909

    i love Blair and Chuck together…in fact they belong together … but i’d like to see what will happen between Dan and Blair… after the last episode they seem to be great together…. <3

  • laura

    OMG DAIR! i dont like the cliffhanger bit I will be screaming and then i will have to wait six weeks!!!!

  • Faby

    I know Blair belongs with Chuck and I love them together. However, why is it that when they aren’t together Chuck can find another girl and Blair can’t find a guy. Serena had multiple flings/relationships, so did Chuck, Nate and even Dan. So for that fact, I’m glad that someone could be interested in her.