Season 3 Episode 18 episode 18

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18 "The Unblairable Lightness of Being": Spoilers from Dorota!

This coming Monday's episode of Gossip Girl is going to be a big one, especially for Dorota... so it's only fitting that we get some spoilers straight from the horse's mouth, Zuzanna Szadkowski, the actress who perfectly portrays Dorota! Check out her interview with E! Online for tons o' spoilers!

  • Dorota's wedding will be Gossip-Girl-glamour all the way: "Chuck and Blair and Eleanor and Cyrus and the whole crew come together to make this incredibly fabulous, pretty large-scale event."
  • Remember that boy Eric was flirting with? Zuzanna describes it a "sprouting romance" and something will "play out with them during the course of the ceremony."
  • Little J's still trying to break up golden couple Nate and Serena which will play out during the next few episodes
  • Listen up for Leighton Meester's new song: "Your Love is a Drug"

Source: Watch with Kristin