Season 3 Episode 16 episode 16

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 16 "The Empire Strikes Jack": Spoiler bits!

By way of Spoiler TV, we have some spoilers for tomorrow's episode, "The Empire Strikes Jack"! Check them out for deets on tomorrow's episode!

  • Jenny gets a second chance in fashion by Eleanor.
  • And so does Agnes(who's "supposedly" 90 days sober from A.A.)!
  • Jenny and Agnes make up "I missed you, Bitch!"
  • Jenny is getting texts from Damien and Agnes wants to do something about that...including drugging Jenny.
  • Jenny is rescued by Nate (thank goodness for GPS)!
  • Blair hires prostitutes as her friends.
  • Blair may have a future with Columbia.
  • Chuck is kicked out of the hotel by his mother.
  • Elizabeth isn't Chuck's mother...or is she?
  • Jack and Elizabeth are in love??
  • Dan and Vanessa go public.
  • Dan and Vanessa try to change things.
  • Dorota's in this episode!

Source: Spoiler TV