Ed Westwick Talks About The Future of Chuck Bass and ‘Gossip Girl’

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July 24, 2011

Ed Westwick had an interview with CNN where he talked about the future of Gossip Girl, premiering on September 26, and how things might play out later on. He shared how he’d like to see the show – and his character’s journey to conclude.

  • S.

    I really LOVE Ed, he is just great…and so hot:)

    Blair Bass..i really would appreciate that ;)…hope it will happen one day

  • Karon

    it is really nice! Blair Bass…wow.. Ms.Bass

  • Ms bass

    blair is pregnant but it isnt decided yet if it is chuck or louis . hopefully chucks because he would be the best dad !

  • karon

    but who is real father??!
    Blair had several sexual intercourse with Chuck and Louis…
    well… chuck and blair was just on time … but it has likehood too

  • chuck & blair xxx

    omg i love ed’s accents
    & i wasn’t sure if he put on the whole sexy voice thing 4 gossip girl but this accent is cuter & still has a sexy touch 2 it ;D
    soooo want there 2 be a Blair bass would make my year lol :)
    <3 x chuck & bair x <3

  • Rbcutie

    HOTTTIEEE!! cnt wait!

  • Rbcutie

    HOTTTIEEE!! cnt wait!

  • Antiikl

    gossip girl with blair n chuck we all know frm d beginning they would end up tgt.. its just the journey that we are put to watch n wait. LOLX

  • Minkier

    Blair Bass….i love the sound of that!!

  • gg

    mabe when she is pregnant and have d baby she makes a paternty test to c if its chulk s or louis

  • Gg

    blair bass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love thes

  • Nandaa Nandulex

    He’s so HOT. I <3 Chuck ! Not necessary Ed, but Chuck is AMAZING. ^.^