Updates on a possible D&B hook-up and Serena&Ben hook-up

Last we left our Upper East Siders, things were questionable between Serena & Lonely Boy... leaving us to question: is there truth to the rumors of a Blair-Dan pairing? And could there be something between Serena & Ben? Check out these spoilers for some clarification on these rumors!

Sara in Dearborn, Michigan:  Are Serena and Ben going to be together and what's going to happen with Dan and Blair, are they going to be together?
There's definitely more to Ben's story, as he'll be sticking around longer than his obnoxo-socks sister Juliet (Katie Cassidy) so look for some sparkage to fly. As for Dan and Blair, I am bound and gagged, but FYI to you who sent me "lovely" messages regarding my last mention of them, I'm really not a Dan and Blair shipper, I just liked their chemistry as a sleuthy spy team. In fact, I'm not a G.G. shipper at all. I have far greater G.G. issues to occupy my mind. Like how I can incorporate Taylor Momsen's look into my Mommy and Me playdate outfits. Thoughts?

Source: Watch with Kristin