Will we be seeing more of Gossip Girl's Eric next season?

Has anyone else noticed how Gossip Girl's Eric Van der Woodsen kind of disappears for random stretches of time? Well Ausiello's got the scoop on whether the Gossip Girl showrunners will put the kabosh on this and make him a series regular already!

Question: Any plans for Connor Paolo to become a series regular on Gossip Girl? I love the character of Eric but it’s frustrating when he vanishes for long stretches. —Justin
Paolo himself doesn’t seem to mind it. “I’m very happy with my position on the show and I have no interest in changing it,” says the actor, who was offered the chance to become a series regular back in Season 2 but respectfully declined. “Watching Blake [Lively] and Penn [Badgely] and the things they have to deal with as [a full-time cast members]… because they are on the posters and they are the face of the show, is not something I’m totally ready for right now.”

Source: TV Line