Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck's Reaction To The Pregnancy, Dan and Chuck's Bromance

Additional Gossip Girl Spoilers have emerged regarding to Dair, Chair, Blouis and Dan and Chuck's Bromance, courtesy of EW.

  • Chuck's reaction to the pregnancy will definitely give away an important part of this plotline. You’ll be talking about it the day after.
  • A Chair scene will happen soon, but that doesn't set the drama in motion as much as a great scene between Chuck and Louis. Intriguingly, this scene and the Chair scene are not in the same episode.
  • Blair's pregnancy will be revealed to three very important people learn the news next week. One of whom could be someone mentioned in spoilers already mentioned above!
  • Dan and Chuck's storyline will be going a lot stronger than Dan's relationship with Nate after the fourth episode, in which one half of Date gets his feelings hurt.

Some exciting spoilers, don't you agree? Share your comments and predictions in the comments below!