Chuck and Blair Captured in MORE of Gossip Girl Season 6 Onset Photos!

As we make it our mission to spy on Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair, reading body signals has become an essential tool in decoding the real score behind the on and off lovers of the UES. Whether it's a simple eye-to-eye contact or a walk in the park, the chemistry between the two is superbly undeniable. This week, the trail of chasing Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass goes another step further. On the set of the final season of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester and Ed Weswick who gives full justice to Team Chair was captured in photographs doing a walk and talk conversation on a sidewalk.

However, if you take a look on the lower batch of images, it appears that Blair was caught having a bad day in the middle of the crowd. As much as we are loving the scarf and the boots, the socialite was firm that she was wearing a frowny face as an added accessory. The reason? Well, guess we just have to wait and see!

ALSO AHEAD -- Kelly Rutherford's character Lily van der Woodsen, was snapped walking with Chuck and Blair but looked a little busy on her cellphone.

I hope you're ready to be spoiled today because we're bringing you a bunch of Gossip Girl season 6 behind-the-scenes photos. Enjoy!


Source: I-meester