Blair and a ring.. need I say more, Gossip Girl fans?!

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March 30, 2011

So last we left Gossip Girl’s Queen B, her and Dan were getting their kiss on. But we just got word that someone may like Blair so much that he’ll put a ring on it. Need I say more, so go on.. check out the latest spoilers from Ausiello!

  • At some point before the end of the season, Blair will get engaged.

Note: We already knew this spoiler, but not confirmed by authoritative website. You may also want to check:

  • Tindy_lu

    It’s not Dan or Chuck, is the guy she meet in Paris at the beginning of the season…!!!!!

  • Andrea Alcalá

    Noooo, I want Dair

  • makica

    It would be cool to Chuck do something incredibly for Blair…I love Chair

  • SiMönchen

    I’m okay with Dair, but my heart belongs to CHAIR! Forever. This is ture love. They’re made for each other, pLs give them a second chance<3

  • Popo

    You mean a fourth or five chance lol

  • Dair4Eva

    I bet tht prince from france proposed to her and maybe before the proposal dan must hv had second thoughts about liking blair so blair accepts the ring , but then in the middle of the wedding dan ruins it and says he loves her :) DAIR4EVA LOL*im just guessing.

  • M-90

    I think you are right,to a certain extent. The French prince proposes to Blair, she accepts, but is Chuck who crashes the wedding and sweeps Blair off her feet, AGAIN ! :D

    100% a Chair fan ! I hope they get back together again.

  • Lil-miss-spook

    big fan of dair, thinks its good to mix the couples-blair always goes for the big rich and famous one. wish she went with dan, it would be nice for a change and unexpected.
    Lolz, imagine if the baby was Dan’s–now that would be totally 100% unexpected!!!!!!!!

  • Muffin-dreamer

    Chair FTW