Is there really a future for Blair and Dan?

So we keep hearing spoilers about how there may be a future between Blair and Dan but now, we've got the official spoilers from Gossip Girl showrunner Stephanie Savage on whether we'll be seeing B&D together. Check them spoilers out!

According to Savage, come the return of Gossip Girl on Jan 24, we will start to see a "deepening bond" between Blair and Dan. Whether or not this bond will be a romantic one, we don't have the official word yet. However, Savage did point out that the two have a lot in common: both are "book smart," both have the same interests, and although Savage says there are a lot of reasons for the two to not like each other, there's just as many reasons for the two to like each other.

As far as what else is coming up: Lily's going to have to work towards getting herself out of the doghouse with her kids, Serena may be getting with Juliet's brother, Ben, Blair and Dan will work together at a fashion magazine, and Nate will have to adjust to having his just-out-of-the-big-house dad as his roomie. Also, look for two new characters: Russell and Raina Thorpe (father & daughter combo reminiscent of Donald & Ivanka Trump) -- these two will wreak havoc to Chuck's personal and professional worlds.

Source: TV Line