Gossip Girl Spoilers: All about the BIG kiss last night!

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March 2, 2011

Oh man, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve pretty much spent the entire season of Gossip Girl waiting for last night’s legendary kiss! Check out what Gossip Girl showrunner Josh Safran has to say abt what’s coming up for our newly-minted kissing partners!

For those who haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, you may want to avert your eyes because MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Dan and Blair finally kissed!

On what’s coming up for these two…

Just because they kissed doesn’t mean the two are now headed off to couple-dom, Safran says. Although he’s also not saying it.. tricky, tricky these Gossip Girl show-runners. Looks like we’ll just have to tune in to Gossip Girl in six weeks to figure out how these two will handle the change in their relationship.

But is Blair really destined to be with Chuck and Dan with Serena?

Although skeptics may think that this relationship (or whatever it is) between Dan and Blair is all for naught since the two are destined to be with other people, Safran maintains that they’re going to follow this relationship between Dan and Blair through

On what we can expect after the 7 week break…

Safran says that Gossip Girl will not jump ahead 7 weeks… but he also won’t say if they’ll pick up right after the kiss.

On the whole Ben/Juliet story arc…

Say goodbye to Ben, friends. He will no longer be back. As for the Lily, she will show Gossip Girl viewers what it means to pay for one’s sins… just as Chuck will learn what it’s like to deal with the sins of his father.

On why Chuck just took Russell’s word for it…

Safran says tune in, Gossip Girl fans. We shall see this whole storyline unfold in the next few episodes when Gossip Girl returns in 7 weeks.

Source: TV Line

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tabitha-Mann/100000729398667 Tabitha Mann

    I was a little disappointed; I expected more out of their kiss! I didn’t like how she grabbed him or how they freeze framed it. Don’t get me wrong;I’m glad they kissed but I just wish it could have been more romantic. Who knows maybe these two are meant to be together…I kinda wish.

  • A_goddess

    That was a kiss that is desperately trying to eradicate feelings associated with others, a desperate hollow empty kiss. I believe that Dan will be the one to show Chuck just how special Blair is, not because he is in love with her but because he haas come to know her special endearing side and Chuck will fear losing her. Let’s face it. True love is a bitch and it hurts but it trully is worth it in the end.

  • http://twitter.com/AbiSmith12 Draco Malfoy

    I know the kiss annoyed me aswell because it was cut so short, but they had to for suspence, if they continued then it would show there is or isn’t something there whereas pausing it like that means we’re all dying to know what happens after unforunately. Look of the CW website for the new trailer it shows more :)

  • dumb

    Such a dumb comment….. you must be really fat and lonely

  • Dejib110

    I hate Dan.He annoys me. I remember when he punched Chuck. And I really hope Chuck beat the crap out of him. Dan could date Blair for a while.Then Blair will notice this was a mistake.Chuck would be trying to win her over.Chair 4ever. Dan needs sum1 else.Serena doesn’t deserve Dan.She messed with his EMOTIONS Too Much.How you kiss his roomate in his own house? I would of kicked her and Ben out.

  • Dejib110

    Messed up. How is True love a bitch? It could hurt but still….

  • Tiff

    hahah, he punched chuck because he fucked his sister. you must have no siblings or anything, cause chuck is a rapist. hopefully, something like that doesn’t happen to you cause personally im offended by who chuck the nasal voice bass is. dair ftw.

  • lily

    You obviously have forgotten that these characters aren’t as old as they are portrayed. They are all 19 and 20 (Sophmores in college, THIS year) Which means LAST year when that happened, they were Freshman. Making them 19. Jenny was 18 (Senior at Constance.) So, it wasn’t rape.

  • Starlight

    jenny was a junior making her 17. and dan punched chuck the very first episode for trying to rape (as in forcing sex on her) at the kiss on the lips party. but yes you are right when jenny and chuck had sex it was not “staturary(sp?)” rape because the age of consent in new york is 16, i think. but either way that was his little sister and she was hurt. but i dont think it was entirely nessecary because jenny and chuck both used each other to cure their loneliness.

  • Donutpickyournose

    Girrrl, you sound like an idiot. Seriously. Love doesn’t hurt, love is meant to feel good. If it’s a constant hurt parade, you’re doing it wrong or you’re a little girl who needs to grow up and realise that dramatic infatuation isn’t love.

  • Robert

    Yes, Chuck was a rapist. No question about that. You don’t drug someone to have sex with them and have them be anything else. I do think that the writers backed off that. Concepts of characters evolve and I think they’d take that back if they could. Certainly today no matter what else Chuck – mainly he is just boring as hell (I tend to use my DVR to fast forward through any Chuck scenes) – he is no longer a rapist. But if you use drugs on a woman as he did very early in Season One in order to sleep with them, you are a rapist.