Gossip Girl Spoilers: All about the BIG kiss last night!

Oh man, I don't know about you guys, but I've pretty much spent the entire season of Gossip Girl waiting for last night's legendary kiss! Check out what Gossip Girl showrunner Josh Safran has to say abt what's coming up for our newly-minted kissing partners!

For those who haven't seen last night's episode yet, you may want to avert your eyes because MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Dan and Blair finally kissed!

On what's coming up for these two...

Just because they kissed doesn't mean the two are now headed off to couple-dom, Safran says. Although he's also not saying it.. tricky, tricky these Gossip Girl show-runners. Looks like we'll just have to tune in to Gossip Girl in six weeks to figure out how these two will handle the change in their relationship.

But is Blair really destined to be with Chuck and Dan with Serena?

Although skeptics may think that this relationship (or whatever it is) between Dan and Blair is all for naught since the two are destined to be with other people, Safran maintains that they're going to follow this relationship between Dan and Blair through

On what we can expect after the 7 week break...

Safran says that Gossip Girl will not jump ahead 7 weeks... but he also won't say if they'll pick up right after the kiss.

On the whole Ben/Juliet story arc...

Say goodbye to Ben, friends. He will no longer be back. As for the Lily, she will show Gossip Girl viewers what it means to pay for one's sins... just as Chuck will learn what it's like to deal with the sins of his father.

On why Chuck just took Russell's word for it...

Safran says tune in, Gossip Girl fans. We shall see this whole storyline unfold in the next few episodes when Gossip Girl returns in 7 weeks.

Source: TV Line