Gossip Girl Season 4: A love interest for Eric in the cards?

Man, is it just me or does it seem like Gossip Girl's Eric Van Der Woodsen been getting the short end of the stick this season? Well check out these spoilers to see if things start looking up for Serena's baby bro!

Question: Do you know if Gossip Girl is planning to introduce a new love interest for Eric? —Rob
Nah. After that whole Damien debacle, Eric’s wisely stepping away from the dating scene for a bit. “He’s going to work out who he is [as an individual],” says his portrayer, Connor Paolo. “His history with relationships hasn’t been positive. It’s not really in his genes to have healthy relationships, and I think he knows that. He doesn’t want to repeat the habits of his mother, father and sister.” Speaking of Daddy van der Woodsen, Billy Baldwin returns in the Feb. 28 episode and “creates an interesting dichotomy for Eric,” says Paolo, “because of his extreme loyalty to Rufus over his own father.”

Source: TV Line