On The Set of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5: Chair?

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August 18, 2011

Check out the set photos from 9th August featuring Blair and Chuck! What do you think it’s going on?

  • S.

    OMG!!! hope these pics are a good sign for CHAIR being in love again…i would die to see them as a couple again…they look so happy together, just great..

    [maybe she just told chuck she's pregnant, with his baby? SORRY, just joking, but i would looooovvvee it, if it's true :)]

    does anybody know what meaning the red ring on Blair’s finger has?

  • Aoifethornton06

    @5d7fbe235e39b44ab4eed957d2d62189:disqus her ruby ring, she has it from the start, we see it in the 2nd ever episode when her & Nate are lying in the bed after brunchin the book series Nate gives it to her.

  • S.

    oh, thanks I didn’t remember that..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tabitha-Mann/100000729398667 Tabitha Mann

    Looks like they just ran into each other.

  • gg

    she doesnt have a tummy i dint think she is pregnant

  • gg

    she doesnt have a tummy i dint think she is pregnant

  • Delena

    then take a look at the first(?) promo for season 5 spoilersguide has posted…

  • QueenB

    They look so happy! :) I really hope that they end up together, they’re perfect for each other… and in these pictures there stills looks like alot of chemistry 

  • Amara Acuna

    That’s The Ring Nate gave her. if you read the book it also says so. :)) I LOVE IT WHEN “ChAIR” are together, They are so SWEET.
    and their love is crazy but So SWEET. 

  • Mastermind_ao

    what promo are you talking about?

  • Simone

    where Blair is taking a walk with Louis’ sister and where Blair feels sick, and then later as they walk by a food store, or something like that she says that she needs to find a restroom…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MKLWI6LVZTUBY3XBZQWKG2ROIY MiCH!

    i saw the promo they post in this page mmm i ont see the scene you are talking about, and i have search for it in youtube and nope cero! only this promo but not too much to look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRcCV_MVV2U
     so if u have seen another promo can we have the link please?

  • Skyler

    I actually want blair to marry the prince……I never liked chuck

  • Mari wollsch

    weding ring/ engagement ring

  • tazo39

    well since blair just told chuck louis is the father of her baby… maybe chuck is trying to be the bigger man and be there for her…. i hope im way off and she told chuck he is really the father