Will There Be a ‘Golden Boy’ Season 2?

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May 11, 2013

UPDATE: As of 05/10/2013, CBS has cancelled Golden Boy after one season. Read article here.

Golden BoyJust checking in Golden Boy fans. This article is our way of informing you about the probable future of the rookie cop drama — is it on the bubble, will it be cancelled or renewed for season 2? As we’re well aware of, it’s the time of the year where networks begin to prepare the chopping block for the unfortunate string of series which delivered subpar ratings.

If you’ve missed the latest news regarding this, then please continue reading.

A few weeks ago, the CBS network has renewed 14 shows from their primetime programming for the 2013-2014 lineup. Unfortunately, Golden Boy did not make the cut. While it has not been made official yet, as networks usually give their final decisions by May of 2013, the freshman cop drama is for now looking at an obscured future.

The Theo James starring series debuted soft on its original Tuesday 10pm berth with 1.8 in ratings on adults 18-49 with 10.5 million of total viewers. The second week did not present promise either as it slipped 11% (7.41 mil/1.6) on the same demo.

It is also to be noted that Golden Boy was originally set to air regularly on Fridays after airing two previews on Vegas’ Tuesday time slot. But after a disastrous attempt on the third episode airing on Friday (-38% change) CBS opted to let it stay on Tuesdays. Thus, Vegas has been moved to Fridays.

Golden Boy was able to resuscitate the following week after the Friday slip, surging a 50% increase with 8.53 million of total viewers. The tremendous change was a big thanks to low-rated Body of Proof (ABC) and Smash (NBC).

After airing eight episodes from its 13-episode freshman run, the series has not been performing steady. The ratings were vacillating from 1.3 – 1.7, an unpredictable state. On that note, plus with CBS failing to mention it on the recent renewal announcement, we predict that Golden Boy is ‘certain to be cancelled‘.

Do you want ‘Golden Boy’ to be renewed?

  • Rexx Castle

    Its sad to see great shows cancelled because they came out at the wrong time.

  • Blake

    I want a season 2!!

  • Xemidra

    This is so sad. I really liked this show. What I will be watching in 2013/14 season ?

  • Joanna

    One of my favorites. Complex characters. Well written and acted. Not the usual dynamic of a Cop show.
    Will not be happy with a cancellation.

  • Bobby Disharoon

    It’s bullshit to see a great show ended. This drama is unlike any other and is a damn good show. It would be crazy if they cancelled it and didn’t make a season too. Great plot and great acting.

  • Invmp12

    DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW ! I enjoy the show, the plot is great, I personally would like to see the show play it out, at least to the point where the kid makes it. I really enjoy this show, compared to the other dramas out there, including the CSI’s, this ranks right up there. My opinion, it has it all.

  • jennylynn

    Golden boy is a great show with an amazing story line!! It is to early to give up on it. Give it anothet season let the story line thicken it will be on top!

  • A Fan

    I really want to see how the show continues. There is still so much mystery about what happend and how he became the youngest commisioner. I hate to be left with a cliffhanger and never know the end. Hopefully they renew the show for a second season to clear all up.

  • Bryan

    Don’t cancel

  • Tisha

    Don’t cancel this show!!!! I love this show! Its sad when they take away good shows.

  • Fan

    I love this show

  • http://twitter.com/karenmulhern karen mulhern

    Great show! Hope there’s a second season!

  • Mechille Lowery

    Should do another season of Golden Boy. One of the best series I have seen in a long time. It is unfair when people get interested in the series and you cancel them. Theo James is one of the best actors I have seen in a long time and very intense in his role.

  • Jason

    Love it don’t cancel such a quality program

  • Don

    Really good show it would be a big disappointment if it ended like this… CBS needs to make the smart move

  • http://twitter.com/kjohn82 kristopher j pieklik

    No way they can cancel this series… Its not often i find a whole series that can keep me intrigued! This series gets better and better every episode!!

  • camus68

    Yes please keep it! I love the bookend, see then and now aspect!

  • Numerounojoshua

    Golden Boy deserves a second season! Maybe there wasn’t enough media support for the show, but it is by far one of the best shows on tv. This show has a story line unlike no other, let it continue. I speak for most, GoldenBoy deserves a better time slot and another season.

  • Pattimondo

    Love L

  • Dawid

    it’s really great!!!

  • Lilian

    DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW! It is more real than most of the bs reality shows that I personally detest. The reason a lot of people failed to watch the first few eps. is because the times of showing were confusing. CBS skipped around with the days and times, so who could keep up. It wasn’t because the show was bad. If you’re going to leave something hanging, let it be one of the dumb sitcoms.

  • 2ndorbit

    please don’t cancel it–it takes a while to get into, but it is a really good show, well written, well acted, etc…give it another season.

  • T. Brown

    My mother and I LOVE this show!!! please don’t leave us hanging like this……we want a second season.

  • Azfan

    If CBS can handle golden Bo put I on cable and let it get gritty

  • Azfan

    I meant can’t damn auto correct. This show is so good

  • Denise

    I really like this show. The cast is excellent. I wish the networks would give new shows a chance to develop a following. I’m sick of good shows being cancelled so quickly. We seem to hang on to the reality tv crap! How about hanging on to actual actors?

  • ana

    why are they always doing this to the good shows??? the season finale was something and I was really expecting that I would finally know the whole story of clark but of course I was wrong

  • Mughees

    great show should not be canclled at least make season 2 and plz show how he became the commissioner..!!

  • nessdm

    Renew it!!! How are horrible shows with horrible writing being renewed, but great and complex shows being cancelled?

  • Australia

    Very sad to hear that they will not be a second season of Golden Boy. It’s a really good show.

  • Trent Nelson

    Omg please do not cancel season 2! I love this show! There’s too much unanswered after the finale also. :( please have a second season

  • tbmk

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL….LOVE this show! Give this great amazing story season 2 cast and crew are doing a fantastic job!! Went and got a pvr so i wouldn’t miss it!

  • Nancie

    Please don’t cancel this show!!!! It barely had a chance! I watched every episode and LOVED it…to leave the season with such a cliff hanger and not have a second season would be inappropriate and would tarnish my respect for the CBS network that has been my favorite for several years now. Please give it at least another full season before making the decision to cancel.

  • angie

    im really disappointed because, golden boy was an amazing show, maybe people didnt know about it at first because there wernt as many comercials.i wont watch any thing else on cbs but golden boy, so i dont think that it should be cancelled, you should give it another shot.

  • Yasmin

    Golden Boy is great show……it should have aired at a different time

  • Gerald

    I want to see the rest of the story. Dropping a show with no ending is just bad business. Makes a person think twice about watching series shows that will likely just be stopped. At least finish the story. How he became the youngest commissioner

  • Laura

    Golden Boy has to be renewed!!! It’s an amazing show and was a favorite of mine. It was the only show I looked forward to watching on Tuesdays. I’m extremely disappointed to hear of the cancellation as I was so looking forward to the next season. Bring Golden Boy back!!!!

  • mrl

    Golden Boy is an awesome show with a great story to tell. You need to give this show the chance it needs

  • Mubasher Masood

    The show is awesome. You cannot leave a show like this, I want to know what happened to the others and how he made it. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!!!!! IT SHOULD BE RENEWED!!!!!

  • Little Gymi

    I need season 2!!!