Season 1 Episode 18 episode 18

Go On Episode 18 "Double Down" Guide & Photos

NBC has released the official guide and promotional photos of Go On episode 18 titled "Double Down". This episode airs on Tuesday, March 5th.

  • Ryan (Matthew Perry), still pained from the breakup with Simone, (Piper Perabo) backslides into his old gambling habit, though sternly warned by Lauren (Laura Benanti) to steer clear.
  • But when he receives the life insurance check for his deceased wife, it's more than he can bear and he starts making bets on anything and everything.
  • Meanwhile Anne (Julie White) meets a stunning, young bookstore clerk, Brittney, (Annie Heise) who turns out to be all beauty and no brains.
  • Lauren comes to Ryan's rescue by fleecing him at poker and in the aftermath, Ryan bonds with Anne over their respective lost loves.

Source: NBC