Will We See a Different Side to Rory? Damian McGinty Talks About His Upcoming Glee Romance

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January 16, 2012


Brittany’s pretty much off the market for poor little Rory Flanagan (she’s with Santana now, duh)…so does that mean there’s some Rory romance in Glee‘s future?

“I’ve seen the most recent script last week and yeah, there is.”

Damian McGinty talked a little bit about his character and upcoming storyline with E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, and indeed it does have to do with a girl. Though there is a catch – she’s a “mystery girl”:

“But I’m excited because the storyline is not as simple as Rory just getting a girl. He doesn’t quite have the girl but he kind of does and then there’s like a whole story behind it that is going to continue through the season where people might see a different side of Rory. I was interested in reading it! I only got half the script and when I saw the end of the first half my reaction was like, ‘Uh-oh, oh no!” So it’s a big shock, it’s a big shock.”

Probably not as big a shock as Chris Colfer’s “kiss” bombshell last season that he kept secret, but hey. Whatever makes you blush, Damian. The newest addition to the Glee cast has also taken up – and had some success with – making suggestions to showrunner Ryan Murphy. So naturally he’ll just keep “throwing more” at him. Cue evil Damian laugh.

You can watch the full video interview here at E! Online.

Fellow Damian fans! Muse about this “mystery woman” in the comments, who do you think she could be?

  • sara

    Anyone BUT Sugar. She bothers the poop out of me. I almost want it to be Quinn…but i feel like that’s a long shot :P

  • mary

    i think its becky

  • THE GLEEK :)

    i think it’s gonna be sugar, and he and artie are going to be fighting over her, like Kevin said in the interview…