Who's In Talks to Play Blaine Anderson's Big Bro?

Who's In Talks to Play Blaine Anderson's Big Bro?

No, it's not Pitbull, if that's what you're thinking (and if you've been keeping up with your Glee spoilers, you know it might have crossed your mind). No, the one who is in talks to play the role of Blaine's (Darren Criss) older brother is a bit of a better fit into the Anderson family, if you catch my drift:

"Apparently, pretty runs in Blaine’s family: White Collar hunk Matt Bomer is nearing a deal to guest-star in an April episode of Glee as the Warbler’s older brother, TVLine has learned exclusively.

This is big for a number of reasons. Among them:? Since this will be the first time we meet any of the other Andersons, we might finally learn a bit about Blaine’s apparently gorgeous kin."

Plus, Bomer will also be getting in on the singing action:

"This will also be the first time a lot of people will get to hear Bomer sing — because yes, natch, his character will get in on his sib’s musical number."

Excited to learn more about the Glee family that spawned Blaine? What plot line do you think Ryan and co. have thought up to introduce Blaine's brother? Hit the comments, and share your thoughts!

Image credit: TV Line