Who Knows What Boys Like? Lauren Zizes

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February 15, 2011

Catching up on the Glee spoilers, including one for tonight’s new episode, “Comeback”:

  • Emma’s been kind of MIA lately, but the next couple of episodes will be making up for that. Look forward to some more Wemma scenes – involving Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Holly Holiday, perhaps? She is set to appear within the next couple of episodes too. You can also look forward to more Sue, though after her bizarre “Super Bowl episode” tirade that left some viewers cold not sure that’s exactly a good thing.
  • Gotta love Lauren Zizes. This whole lot of woman will be confidently proving she knows exactly “what boys like” in tonight’s new episode. Anyone who’s seen the earlier tip on this might be able to guess what this is referring to.
  • Okay, so it’s definitely been confirmed that a future Glee episode plot will include a bi-curious Blaine. But according to creator Ryan Murphy, he wouldn’t be doing his job unless he kept “them apart as long as possible.” As a writer I know this is true, but I bet you’re with me in saying it doesn’t make it any less painful. Guess that #KurtBlainekissalready bandwagon will have to wait for now.

Source: E! Online

  • creaturefear

    I would just like to say… BOO! to Blaine and Kurt :P Kurtofsky all the way.

  • MickiMarie

    NO FLIPPIN WAY! I wouldnt mind Blaine and Rachel, actually. BUT NO KURTOFSKY! UGH, disturbs me to think of that…