Where the Heck Was Puck? Mark Salling Will Return in Future Episodes

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October 14, 2010

You take one kid away from New Directions and everybody freaks out. In case you missed this week’s new episode, “Duets” or tuned in late or just didn’t notice he was gone, Puck went missing from glee club:

While his excuse on the show was “juvy”, rumors are running around that actor Mark Salling was focusing on his own personal music more than his contributions to Glee. Only some sources have confirmed that that is not the case, and the choice was more for creative reasons (Sam getting closer to Quinn…?). But The Ausiello Files assures us that Puck’s absence is only temporary, and he will return after the Rocky Horror tribute – in episode 6.

Speaking of Ausiello…here’s another spoiler coming your way:

  • A “Christmas” episode hasn’t yet been confirmed…but something “big” will happen Glee-wise around the holidays. And Ausiello’s hinting that it could be a…wedding?!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Momo

    Carole and Burt for sure ;)

  • Ravencrace

    I really hope it’s Carole and Burt!

  • TheBlondeNinja

    2 episodes. No Puck. I might just go insane.