When Does Glee Return from 2012. Hiatus? New Episodes in April!

When Does Glee Return from 2012. Hiatus? New Episodes in April!

Some Glee-maids to cheer us up. After last night, we're going to need it.

Glee definitely ended on a cliffhanger note at the end of last night's new episode, "On My Way" - and while it kinda-sort had something to do with the wedding, let's just say it was a bit more intense than the Finchel latest. To say that all us Gleeks aren't exactly thrilled with the idea of Glee going on hiatus now is a bit of an understatement.

Glee will be back with its next new episode in 2012. on Tuesday, April 10 - season 3 episode 15, "Big Brother", guest-starring Matt Bomer as Blaine's (Darren Criss) older brother, Cooper. (You can read the spoilers we have so far, here.)

So what's going to happen to Quinn? The Gleek-o-sphere is abuzz with speculation on the newly-inducted Cheerio's fate, some even going so far as to wonder if her character will be killed of the show. While it's unlikely Quinn's fate will be that extreme, it does appear as if her texting and driving will have some physical consequences. Make sure you check out these on-set photos here for an interesting spoiler twist.

What do you think this means for Quinn's future? Head to the comments and share your thoughts/speculations about Quinn - plus, how will you be spending your Glee hiatus?

Photo credit: Lea Michele via Twitter