What’s Up with Glee Relationshipping? Find Out The Latest with Finnchel, and More!

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December 14, 2010

Get ready, get set, Gleeks! Kristin Dos Santos of Watch with Kristin let loose a “Spoiler Chat” yesterday…and lucky us it has tons of Glee spoilers. Check this out:

  • In addition to Gwyneth Patlrow reprising her Holly Holiday role in the near future, Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth will also be giving us some more April during the spring episodes. “I’m so excited. I’m going to come back in the spring for a couple episodes. I think it’d be funny if April sang a little opera. I mean, who would expect her to do that? And Ryan Murphy has written a pilot for me to do after that.”
  • Though Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) did hint at some possible Puckleberry on the show (due to the Finnchel break-up), there’s no Quick news on the rise yet (Quinn + Puck, stay with me Gleeks!). And maybe not a whole lot of Quinn-specific episode plots either, as confirmed by Charlotte Ross (Quinn’s mom, Judy Fabray) recently. “There are so many huge celebrities that are literally vying to be on the show, campaigning to be on the show. I’m happy to be on the show, I’d be happy to come back, but right now I guess [Quinn] doesn’t want to come home to be with her mommy!”
  • Speaking of Finnchel…I know you Finn-and-Rachel fans are dying for something yummy. At this year’s Hollywood Style Awards, Cory Monteith talked a little about the deal between Rachel and Finn. Of course he can’t reveal much (you know Ryan Murphy), but like I said myself at the on-set of the break-up, it’s sounding like there’s probably some hope on the horizon. “[Finn] is pretty hurt, but they were each other’s first love. He might forgive her.”

And there’s sure to be even more to let you guys in on, since Kristin said she’d be making the rounds over at the Glee set this morning to find out more about Finnchel – and what might be going on Will-and-Emma-wise with Gwyneth Paltrow’s return as Holly Holiday. So stay tuned for that. As for now…head over to the comments below and discuss, discuss, discuss!

Sources: E! Online, Cory Monteith Daily

  • Natalia_5345

    Cool that Gwyneth is coming back…. but what I really want to know is WHEN WILL WE SEE IDINA MENZEL AGAIN? the Rachel-Shelby storyline requires (better written) closure and I require more singing by Idina!!!!

  • Chrisdmitchell

    She will be back in the season finale I heard

  • Mel123

    Am sooooo excited! why do we gotta wait ’til February?!?!? I agree about wanting to see Shelby again. I would like for her and Rachel to connect once more… and it would be nice if Quick could see their baby. Also kinda excited about the Puckelberry tidbit (love them) :D

    That’s just me though. :/

  • PB

    What about Darren and Chris? *sigh* I want to know more on them

  • Hkl

    “hope in the horizon”
    any word on Sunshine?

  • Butter_skipee

    Need more Quinn !!!

  • Puckleberry supporter

    Ur not alone! I love puckleberry! And i want quick to see their baby, but I don’t want them together though.

  • Steph (Finchel Fan)

    I was devastated when Rachel and Finn broke up. I can’t believe they are making us wait for so long to see if they get back together. Finn better forgive Rachel, even he admitted to ‘I am just so in love with you’. If Finn was telling the truth or wasn’t exaggerating in any way, he shouldn’t have broken up with her so cruely. If the true love was there, he would have given it some thought. I understand him being upset, I dont blame him but who treates their love like that. He has to remember, Rachel forgave him for keeping that horrific secret from her. And I totally understand that Rachel was in the wrong, but at least she did the appropriate thing and told Finn straight away.

  • Kel5467

    So just so I’m clear… no Quick? :( i almost stopped watching glee cause of that! But i stayed- ONLY cause of artie and britney(not sure wut their name is…)