What’s Up on Glee? Terri and Regionals

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March 4, 2011

Separately of course. Could you imagine Terri accidentally-intentionally sabotaging Regionals? Will, I will track you down!. Well, I can imagine it. Don’t know about you guys. Wait, when’s Regionals? Maybe they will end up coinciding (creepy!).

Okay, so let’s move on to the actual spoilers, shall we?

  • There’s some concern about Terri’s character lasting through the third season – but rest assured, she’s still safe for the second season! She’ll make her next appearance in a late March/early April episode. Watch out, William.
  • Now for the Regionals bit. Kurt will be back with New Directions – psyche! Sorry, that was definitely mean. But I’m sure I didn’t bum out all you Klaine fans out there. Speaking of, I actually do have something Kurt-related. He, Blaine, and the rest of the Warbler dudes will be performing…Pink!
  • And some more Regionals. Another tip on the upcoming character death. Cue eerie silence. The character isn’t major (once again), but the character’s gender is male. Karofsky, things sure ain’t looking too good for you.

Sources: TV Line, TV Guide

  • beepbeepboop

    Wow, this site is really behind the times.

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.michiels Taylor Michiels

    No way they’re offing Karofsky. I’m holding out for Kurt’s bird, Pavarotti.

  • Pagan_lad

    Okay, I think I know who’s going to die. Let’s look at the evidence. We know that…

    - The victim is not a major character.
    - The character is male.
    - It will occur at Regionals itself, not just within the episode, but at the show.
    - It will have a major effect on regionals.
    - Kurt will be singing a solo and a duet with Blaine.
    - A VERY BIG DEAL was made of the fact that Warblers don’t usually feature newbies in concert.
    - There is a scene with Wes (one of the senior Warblers) in the New Directions Green Room.

    I think it’s Wes. I think Wes will die, and the Warblers will be hit pretty hard by this. A lot of his friends will be severely distraught and filling in for him would be kind of weird, except maybe for Kurt, who hasn’t gotten the chance to know him very well and has great musical chemistry with Blaine.

    What do you all think? I mean the fucking bird dying would just be such a cheap shot. And boring. And lame.

  • Vegan Hothead

    I really hope Terri doesn’t show up pregant. Poor Will’s got enough crap to deal with!

  • creaturefear

    DAVE MUST LIVE. Seriously, there’s no way they can kill him off; his story’s just starting, people.

  • Samm

    It’s totally going to be Pavarotti the bird. It’s not a major character and it could be the reason why the Warblers will be singing “Blackbird” at Regionals as well.

    It could be the starting point to why Kurt is going back to ND.

  • Vickybarton21

    Quick question for al the gleeks:
    I am a bit confused, are regional next episode?

  • Michaela

    nope.. the next episode is sexy which is the 15th episode, the regional episode is the one after the next episode, which is set to air march 15

  • Vickybarton21

    Thank you, Michaela!!!

  • Rickgerhart

    What’s up with glee? Last two episodes just fell short. First of all the music selection, really nothing memorial, the dancing zip, the story line, how long are they going to pound the gay drum? Many of the regular views are finding the constant gay theme a bit tiresome, let’s move on and recover those lost viewers. Can you believe it the writers tried to revisit Lady Gaga this week and fell flat. Take a break …don’t slip any lower. Remember where glee started and get back there.