What’s Up Next on Glee: A Karofsky Comeback…and More Wemma?

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November 10, 2010

After the big twist with Dave Karofsky in “Never Been Kissed”, it’s pretty safe to say that, not only will he not be coming out of the closet anytime soon but it won’t be the last we (or Kurt) will be seeing of him either. Check out the latest scoop on Karofsky, Wemma, and more below:

  • Apparently, Karofsky gets suspended (took the school long enough, right?). Could this be the “expelled” student hinted at previously, or do you guys think there might be another culprit for that one?
  • Yes, indeed there is a new Glee slated for November 30. The reason we haven’t heard of an episode title yet? They’re still working on the script.
  • Emma’s actress, Jayma Mays says there’s still only (the) Dr. Carl in Emma’s future – but tells Wemma fans out there not to give up hope! Even though Will gets a little lovesick with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holiday (really?) next episode, and Emma’s still not up for grabs, Mays is also hinting that there’s still a little love in the air for Will and Emma. Check out this video interview with Jayma Mays on her character, Emma (and some other things…):

Source: E! Online

  • Jim

    I don’t think that Karofsky is likely to be the guy exiting. If anything, given the reaction from fans and the support that “Team Dave” is receiving, we might see more of him than was originally intended. His story about his tortured soul is too good to pass up and the actor, Max Adler, was triumphant in his portrayal. Isn’t Kurt’s boyfriend supposed to be on the football team too? I see a storyline where Kurt, initially repulsed by Dave, starts to feel for him and helps him gain acceptance of himself. Kurofsky is also the ultimate anti-gay stereotype. Call him that to his face and he’ll rip you up…not many people at WMHS would be likely to take him on.