What’s Glee Doing for Senior Skip Day? More Spoilers for “Big Brother”

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February 27, 2012

Good ol’ Senior Skip Day, can’t have senior year without it. So what are the McKinley glee club kids doing for their Senior Skip Day? According to MJ’s Big Blog, they’re heading to the park – two parks, to be exact:

“Senior Skip Day – That was yesterday (Feb 21) at Santa Clarita Skate Park, where Kevin [Artie] takes Dianna [Quinn] to see a bunch of kids from a program called Life Rolls On dropping in to pools in wheelchairs. And not the full-of-water kind. They were pretty amazing. The second half of the day we shot the rest of the kids riding roller coasters at Six Flags. True story: shooting on roller coasters is incredibly tedious and not at all as fun and exciting as it might sound, especially when you’re chasing daylight.”

Based on this casting call here including extras, doubles, and a skate park, I’d say this spoiler is pretty spot-on.

Oh, and psst…. OLV tweeted that Glee was seen filming at that house up there. Speculation is that it’s the Anderson house, since “Big Brother” is a big Blaine episode. Although this source here is claiming it’s not Blaine’s house. What do you think?

Talk about Blaine and his big bro, and Glee hitting skate and amusement parks, in the comments!

Thank you to our reader, Genevieve for the tip!

  • lauren

    sounds awesome!
    i already cant wait!! <3

  • Stargleek

    Blaine better like, pull a sicky or something. They can’t go to sixflags without him. AND Tina. Because, next year they won’t be able to have a super fun senior skip day because the others’ll supposedly be in college, so Blaine and Tina have to be invited, especially since Artie and Quinn are having like, the best day ever. Also, I really do hope that IS Blaine’s house. Because, any kind of Darren-ing is fine with me(:

  • Lea

    Sort of wondering when Artie turned into a senior, as he and TIna both claimed to be juniors in the episode ‘Purple Piano Project’…
    Sounds like an episode worth watching, though! :D