What Would MJ Do? Glee Cast Talks Michael Jackson Tribute

What Would MJ Do? Glee Cast Talks Michael Jackson Tribute

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In typical Schuester fashion, Will poses another whiteboard question of inspiration to his glee clubbers: WWMJD? (What Would Michael Jackson Do. Duh.) What would Michael Jackson do? Or more important, what will Glee do with Michael Jackson?

The big tribute episode of the season is just an episode away when we get back from Glee hiatus, and it's certainly going to go off with a bang. But if you can't wait until MJ day to find out how (and what) Glee will be performing from the Jackson catalog, then you're in luck! Below you'll find a list of quotes from some of our Glee cast favorites entailing just who, what, where, when (but maybe not so much the why) we can expect from the big Jackson tribute:

  • Matthew Morrison on Will boarding the MJ train: “A lot of the kids in high school today know Michael Jackson, but I don’t think they really are influenced and affected by him. [Will wants MJ] to go down as one of the greatest performers of all time — and I think he will. [The episode] is about bringing Michael Jackson to a new generation.”
  • What is Sebastian's latesty villainy? Grant Gustin spills: "I'm a little bit of a bad boy and I inflict pain on somebody [Santana]. She comes to give me a piece of her mind. She comes to Dalton and 'Smooth Criminal' happens."
  • Why does Kurt get "Ben"? Chris Colfer says...:: “I have no idea...but I know it was voted the worst song in history by some group. It was about a rat, but we’re singing it about Kurt’s boyfriend. I’m not sure what the connection is! They didn’t [change lyrics from "Ben" to "Blaine"]; that would have been clever, though.”
  • Harry Shum, Jr. talks Mike Chang's "Scream" duet with Artie: “It’s going to be a fun duet. And that particular song has so much anger and angst about all these things that have built up, and Mike Chang has a lot of pent-up anger he couldn’t express, so you’re going to see a lot of explosive dance moments.”
  • Grant Gustin tells us Sebastian also does...: "'Bad' in a parking garage, which is so cool. It's like filming the music video. We were watching the music video as we were filming out," Gustin says.

And get ready for these other Jackson happenings (and not-happenings):

  • A Samcedes duet! That's right, Sam and Mercedes will join in a mashup duet of “Human Nature”/”Nature Boy”.
  • Neither Emma (Jayma Mays) nor Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) will be making an appearance in this episode. Which means more MJ song action for the Schuester, right? WRONG. Will will be leaving all the Jackson numbers to the kids (what say you, good thing or bad thing?).

So what are you going to do now that you know what Glee has planned for Michael Jackson? Head to the comments and share what you're singing and dancing about most, of course! (Psst. Any other Grant Gustin fans out there who think this new Sebastian storyline is dynamite?)

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