“What Happened to Matt?” E! Online Answers Your “Burning” Glee Questions

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September 23, 2010

Yeah, what the heck? What if we just so happened to like Dijon Talton (Matt) or Patrick Gallagher (Ken Tanaka)? Well, I guess then we’re out of Glee luck, but at least we don’t have to let our questions go unanswered. E! Online has been gracious enough (thank you, E! Online) to gather all those recent questions Gleeks everywhere have been asking about season 2. Like…a snippet of my favorite, “What happened to Matt?”:

What happened to Matt, aka Shaft, aka “copresident of the background dancers union”?
As Mr. Shue mentioned in passing, Matt (Dijon Talton) has transferred schools, dropping the glee club’s membership down to just 11. Of course, what actually happened is a little something we like to call “writers’ room Darwinism.” After Glee blew up into a global phenomenon, all of the onetime background characters (Santana, Brittany, Mike Chang) that could be evolved into frontline characters got promoted. Poor Matt was deemed unfit by the evolutionary forces of “story,” so he was eliminated.

Get more of your “burning” Glee questions (including more about Charice, Idina Menzel, and Kristin Chenoweth) answered in the E! Online article here. Oh, and check out this video interview with Chord Overstreet (Sam) while you’re at it, on his character and any possibility of an upcoming love interest this season:

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594460706 Micheil MacCutcheon

    Why did they remove a person of color to add a California Blonde?

  • Dancediva5694

    Sam needs to go. Bring back Matt! Quick is way better than Quim anyways!!