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What Does Karofsky Have to Do with Regionals? Extra Spoilers for Glee Season 3 Episode 14 "On My Way"

What Does Karofsky Have to Do with Regionals? Extra Spoilers for Glee Season 3 Episode 14 "On My Way"

Update below in bold!

What "no good" is Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) up to this time? Sweet revenge no doubt, but how sweet? Or rather, not so sweet? Apparently there's blackmail involved:

"In a deceitful bid to secure a Regionals’ victory for his Dalton Academy Warblers, New Directions’ arch rival Sebastian tries to blackmail Rachel to pull out of the singing competition. When a devastating event shocks the McKinley community, it causes the students to reevaluate their priorities, and inspires Mr. Schuester to reveal an uncharacteristic moment from his past. Meanwhile, a reinvigorated Quinn tries to regain her position on the Cheerios, Finn and Rachel make a sudden decision about their future together, Kurt helps a troubled friend through a difficult situation, and Will gets a surprising new ally."

Definitely raises a lot of questions, doesn't it? Like, what's the "devastating event"? Who's Kurt's "troubled friend", and could Finn and Rachel's "sudden decision" involve a wedding, as rumored? Here are a few other spoilers for the big winter finale Regionals episode that might give us a few clues:

  • Max Adler makes an appearance this episode as Dave Karofsky, and the plot line somehow involves his father - and a trip to the hospital. Think this has something to do with Kurt's story this episode? (Update: E! had this to add about the Karofsky plot line this episode:

    "The Bully Returns: He's ba-a-ack. Tonight was not the last we'll see of Dave. He has an interesting storyline in the Regionals episode, and we're anxious to see how Karofsky handles the situation he finds himself in come next week.")

  • Rachel's dads, as well as Burt and Carole, will be present in the audience when New Directions performs at Regionals.

Meanwhile, via E! Online, Vanessa Lengies (who plays Sugar Motta) gave a little of her insight into the episode, as well:

"The Regional episode is probably one of the most on-the-edge-of-my-seat episodes that I've read yet this season. It had twists and turns that I wasn't expecting," Lengies tells us. She chalked up cliffhanger to the fact that Glee will go on hiatus after the Regionals episode.

Maybe Finn and Rachel's parents in the audience portends a wedding "cliffhanger" of sorts? Although, technically they are Kurt's parents too.... Share your ideas/theories about what could happen in Glee's winter finale in the comments!

Source: MJ's Big Blog

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