Watch with Kristin Scoop: Artie Walks?!

Watch with Kristin Scoop: Artie Walks?!

Word on the Glee street is that somebody's going to be doing some heavy-duty walking. Somebody unexpected. Don't worry it's nothing too unexpected...but it's definitely something new (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Randall: What's the latest on Glee?
Just that I nearly suffered cardiac arrest after hearing this from a source on set: "Artie (Kevin McHale) was walking and dancing around with the rest of the cast...out of his wheelchair!" After breathing into a paper bag and doing some sleuthing, I can tell you that Glee is not going to send Artie to a mysterious island with a smoke monster where he can be healed and magically walk (à la Terry O'Quinn's John Locke on Lost), but yes, we will see him out of his wheelchair dancing. According to this source, episode 18 is about Artie wanting to walk, and he has a dream in which he dances around with the rest of the cast. Then everything goes back to how it was before. It should be fun to see Kevin McHale's fancy (Or not? We'll see.) footwork for the first time, no?

Aww...I think that's the perfect way to write in something experimental like that. I'm a big Kevin McHale fan, so you can guess how big I'm smiling right now. = )  Check out these other spoilers from Watch with Kristin, including some news about Quinn and the baby, who "Rachel's heart is with", and more on Lady Gaga's "wackadoodle" upcoming appearance:

Marty: When will we find out about Quinn's baby and where she will go?
Not until the end of this season, according to boss Ryan Murphy. "You've got to wait until the season finale to find out how we're gonna do that," Ryan tells me. "In the first 13, we had a lot of baby pregnancy stuff. We had a lot of storylines, and I think fans liked that, but they wanted more fun. They wanted more music, so we are dealing with that, but in a sparing way."

Marlene in Idaho: What can you tell me about Finn and Rachel, or Puck and Rachel?
Well, Lea Michele told my friend Marc Malkin that Rachel's "heart is with Finn" (yay!), so that's definitely good news for you Finn and Rachel shippers. As for Puck and Rachel, I'm hearing rumblings of a very sad twist for Puck (Mark Salling) that's so serious I don't even want to hint at it for fear I'll cry.

Tracy in Tallahassee, Fla.: Any more scoop on the Lady Gaga episode of Glee?
Just that if you're a fan of Gaga, you're going to be a fan of the Glee episode because all of those wackadoodle costumes she dons on a daily basis are going to be included in the ep. We'd kill to see Sue Sylvester waltzing around in a leotard with some sort of gigantic contraption on her head à la Gaga, wouldn't you? Or better yet, Mr. Schue.